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Visiting Places Of Ujjain | उज्जैन के दर्शनीय स्थल

Matajewellers of Ujjain Views on Historical City Ujjain:
Ujjain’, The city of Mahakal, the city of Observatory, the city of religion, the city of shakti peeth, the city of tantra, the city of Kumbh mela, the city of king Vikramaditya, the city of great poet kalidas, the city of peace. It’s a luck to visit such a great religious city Ujjain.
Various temples of god and goddesses are present at every step in Ujjain. It is said that if you take 1 sack of rice and offer it in every temple the it is also not enough. World famous temples are present in Ujjain.
In ancient time Ujjain was called Awantika nagri then it is changed to Ujjaini.
It is situated at right bank of river shipra.

Some General Information about Ujjain:
Altitude is 492 meters
Climate of Ujjain in summer: max- 44 degree Centigrade and minimum 20 and in Winter Max-28 min- 10 degree centigrade.

How To Reach Ujjain:
Ujjain is connected via road, air way, rail so it is very easy to reach Ujjain. Another important thing is that Ujjain is in the center of India so is connected with every route.

Air way: The nearest airport is Indore about 55 Km from Ujjain. This airport is connected with Bhopal, Mumbai and Delhi airport. You can get flight easily.
Rail Way: Trains are easily available from Delhi, Mumbai, Bhopal Nagda etc.
Road Route: Buses are running regularly from the main cities and you can also come by your own vehicle as the road is clean and highway also make the travel easy.

Now let’s have a tour of some Visiting Places of Ujjain:

1. Mahakaleshwar Temple:
            The Mahakaleshwar temple is a world famous temple of Ujjain. People from world visit Ujjain to worship and see Mahakal Temple. It has the tantrik importance too. Many types of esoteric anusthaans are performed by the knower to fulfill materialistic and spiritual wishes here. It comes under the 12 Jyotirlingam of India. Mata Jewellers wishes for you happy and safe journey.

2.  Chintaman Ganesh Temple of Ujjain:
            The famous ganesh mandir Chintaman is present in Ujjain. It is a very popular visiting place of pilgrimage. Chintaman ganesh is a very siddha temple of lord ganesha and fulfill the wishes of devotees.

3. Mangalnath of Ujjain:
                As per the skand puran manglnath is the birth place of Mars. If some one has mangal dosha in his kundli or horoscope then pooja is done here. This place is situated at the bank of river shipra.

4. Harsiddhi Shaktipeeth of Ujjain:
                Harsiddha was the goddess of King Vikramaditya. This is a place of energy. Powerful anushaans or rituals are performed here by Brahmins, devotees and knower for different purpose.

5. Peer Matsyendranath Samadhi of Ujjain:
              One of the miraculous personality of Nath. A great devotee of lord shiva. This is a pilgrimage where both Hindu and Muslims comes and pray.

6. Gadkalika in Ujjain:
            The famous temple of maa kali. It is a siddha place and is worshipped by everyone. Many miracles happens here. Maa accept wine from the devotees.

7. Kaalbhairav Temple In Ujjain:
             Another miraculous temple of Ujjain ‘The Kaal Bhairav’. The strange thing about this temple is that Kaalbhairav intake wine which is a very stunning event for any one. People from the world come here to see this miracle. This is a very siddha temple and is famous for tantra.

8. Shani Mandir with Navgrah:
This temple is situated right at the bank of Triveni. Temple of nine planet is present here.

9. Bharathari Caves:
             World famous caves of king bharathari situated near Gadkalika. Raja bharathari did meditation here for long to get salvation. It is a belief that he still comes here with his subtle body.

10. Observatory:
Ujjain has it’s importance in astronomy fields too. Raja jai singh has made this observatory.

11. Sandipani Ashram of Ujjain:
           The Ashram of Shri Guru Sandipani where lord Krishna and Sudama studied. The ancient Gomti kund is present here.

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