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Qualities of Gold

Qualities of Gold By Jeweler of Ujjain Gold is the most expensive and demanding metal in the world. People of every cast, region, and religion like gold, gold jewelleries etc. But the question is why Gold jewellery is liked by every one. Why Gold is so precious and why it is liked by every one in this world. Some Facts about Gold: 1. Gold does not get tarnished or corrode in normal use. 2. Pure Gold is very soft in touch. 3. Gold is a very good conductor of heat and electricity. 4. If gold is mixed with other metals then it makes it harder. 5. By alloying gold with other metals other type of gold are made like rose gold, white gold etc. 6. Antique jewellery can be made with gold easily. 7. If we need money anytime then we can get cash easily in lieu of gold. Qualities of Gold By Jeweler of Ujjain Uses of GOLD: Gold because of its quality not only use in making jewelry but also used in many other industries like medical, computer, aerospace etc. let’

Facts about Pearl

Facts about Pearl By Jeweler of Ujjain Pearl has a great value in the field of jewellery and fashion. It is used in all over the  world because of its beauty and healing nature.  Lets have some facts of pearl: 1. Pearl is a smooth lustrous structure which is formed in the shelled mollusk.  2. It is made up of calcium carbonate and conchiolin. 3. The ideal pearl is round in shape and smooth in touch. 4. Now a days pearl are also made artificially by pearl farming. 5. Color of Pearl- Generally pearl is available in white color but also available in yellow, pink ,  silver, black. 6. Shape of Pearl- It is available in different shape from 3mm to 13 mm size. Astrology Importance: 1. Pearl has a great astrology importance. It represent the planet moon. 2. It gives peace to the holder. 3. It Protects from the malefic effects of Moon. 4. Pearl if chaged with sacred mantras will protect from evil eye effects. 5. It has a great healing properties. Buy From He

Jewellery Care

Jewellery Care By Jeweler of Ujjain, MataJewellers J ewellery are very precious and is very important part of Women life. Due to this reason it is a necessity to take care of them very much so that to protect it from any damage. Here Matajewellers is presenting useful tips to care your Jewellery: Some Common Tips: 1. If you are doing hard work or any rough work then do not wear your delicate jewellery. 2. Be careful while using household chemicals like perfumes, spray, nail polish remover, bleach, etc. Try to keep away these products from your jewellery because they may damage their shine.  Whenever you are applying these chemicals then first use them and let them dry after that wear your jewellery. Tips To Care Gold Jewellery: 1. At the time of bathing and washing hands put off your gold jewellery because soap form a layer over it which make it dull. 2. If you want to clean your gold jewellery then you can find some good cleaners in the market which do not dam