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Gems Stones and Secrets

Gems Stones and Secrets From the ancient times we are using gems stones. There are many types of stones available in this universe but we do not use all of them. We use only some specific stones which absorb and provide energy to the person who have it.   Gems stones has the healing power and because of this if right stone is worn by some one that person feels good and have positive thing in his life.  Gems stones boost the inner energy of a person and generate magnetic effects in the personality which leads to success. The ear rings are able to energize the cerebral part where as the rings affects teh meridians and thus leads to energize the person.  Some Important Instructions: 1. It is better to wear gems stones with pure metals like gold, silver and copper as per the need.  2. It is better to purify the gems stone before wearing. The simplest way is to keep it in salt water for about 24 hours.  Healing Power of Gems Stones: Gems stones has good healin

Platinum Jewelry-How to Buy| Facts of Platinum Jewellery

Platinum Jewelry, Facts of Platinum Jewelry, Difference Between white gold and platinum Jewelry  Platinum is the choice of today's women, It is a rare metal, Platinum has everlasting radiance What is the difference between platinum and white gold? The natural whiteness of platinum makes it very good for diamonds. With diamond it gives a very rich look. It is very durable too.  White gold is not a natural metal but it is a yellow gold and is allyed with other metal to give a white look. In white gold Rhodium is also plated to enhance the whiteness. Platinum is also heavy than whtie gold. It weighs 40% more than 18k white gold.  Another important question arises while buying plantinum jewelry is that why it is more expensive than gold? The reason is simple, Its rarity makes it expensive. In platinum jewellry you will get 95% pure platinum than 18 k gold jewellery which will have only 75% pure gold.  Another important reason is that higher levelof crafts

Tanzanite In Jewelry ! Gem stone for Passionate person

Tanzanite- A Very Rare and Expensive Gems Stone  Tanzanite is now a days becoming popular due to its originality, look and availability. It is a gem stone which is liked by the passionate jewelry wearer.  Some facts About Tanzanite: a) Tanzanite is not a common gem stone. It is not found in every country. It is available only in Tanzania and is a mined stone of Tanzania. So it is found in original and therefore expensive too.  b) This Gems stone is discovered in 1967 and therefore it is also called mordern gem stone.  c) A special property is present in tanzanite which is called trichoism property due to which it is very famous and attract the buyers of the world. Trichoism property means appears in different colors i.e. from on angle it looks blue and from other angle it appears brownish yellow and purple.  d) Tiffnay and Company has made it popular in the world.  e) It is a very sensitive and not very hard gems stone so be ware to keep it away from acids.

Black Diamond In Jewelry

Black Diamond In Jewelry. Surprising word black diamond very rarely used in jewelry but is liked by very passionate jewelry wearer. The main problem of fashion world or glamorous world is the frequent change. Fashion industry is changing rapidly. And Black diamond is also an innovation of latest fashion.  While black diamonds are not as popular as the normal diamonds due to non awareness.  We can use black diamonds in different way - a) Rings with black diamond seems antique. b) Necklace with black diamond makes your different image. c) Bracelet with black diamond also gives you a different look. d) Black Diamond in ear rings also gives you a different look. e) Bangles with black diamond.  Since due to rare demand black diamond is not available all the time but on order you can get the antique black diamond jewelry here in Matajewellers. Matajewellers is a place of antique jewellry designs, It is a place of trust. You will get Quality jewelry in affordable

Get Your Jewelry In a Click

Get Your desired jewelry in a click, The need of today, the need of latest trend, the need of every one. In  this busy age every one want their desired items where ever they are and in safe and secure way soon.  Due to increase of jewelry shops marketing types and ways also getting changed rapidly timely and due to this people are getting confused of finding right jewelry for them.  But if you are also in search of a jewelry shop then you can contact Matajewellers without any hesitation and doubt.  Every one wants the following important things in Jewelry- 1. High Quality Jewelry. 2. Affordable Jewelry. 3. Safe and Secure Delivery in time. 4. Occasional Jewelry. 5. Wedding Jewelry. 6. Gift Jewelry. 7. Latest Fashion Jewelry. Matajewelers is providing all the above things for the decades to the honorable clients. In one click you can fulfill your dreams. You can call to Matajewellers to get your desired type of Jewelry and you will get it easily via courier

Special Diamond Earrings

Special Diamond Earrings  Dimaond ear rings are the best and available for generally fits on every types of out fits. Diamond is the most hardest, precious, transparent substance among all the gems stones. It is a gift for ever, it is a gift for special. Diamond is a symbol of purity and strength. It is a symbol of Love and affection.  Diamond jewelry enhances the personality of a person. It generates a hypnotic power in the personality of a person. It generates a special look on the personality. Diamond is used for the decades in different types of ornaments like necklaces, earrings, tops, rings etc. to give a different look.  In the earlier time pure gold, silver and other metals ear rings were used by women. But in latest fashion Diamond ear rings are used. Due to its attraction power, its healing power, its purity diamond has become the best friend of women. Women find themselves incomplete in now a days with out diamond jewelry.  Dimond ear rings are easily availa

Diamond Jewelry | A gift for ever

Diamond Jewelry | Gift for ever If you want to give a precious gift, If you want to give a eternal gift, if you want to give a special gift then diamond jewelry are the best gift for your special one.  Diamond has been the favorite of every one for the decades. When any one wears diamond She or he feels great. Diamond jewlry give status to the personality, it gives a value to the personality, Diamond jewelry increase the feeling of special.  Diamond is the most precious gems stones and is a suitable gifts for all age groups. It is evergreen. Jewelry having diamonds suits to every one. what ever be the color of skin, what ever be the age, what ever be the style, there is not problem diamond jewelry suits to every one.  Diamond jewelry is the best gift for the women. It is the all time gift for women. On special occasion diamond jewelry can be given to the male too. So Diamond jewelry is the gift for all and every one.  Diamond jewelry are expensive so it is better to

Body Piercing Jewelry By Matajewellers

Body Piercing Jewelry By Matajewellers As per the study it is found that in the ancient time body piercing was popular among the nomadic tribes. In some places body piercing was done only by royal families.   There are different thinking beyond this fashion and culture- 1) Body piercing is a way to look different. 2) It is a way to show our strength. 3) some also say that it is a way to keep our body healthy as it uses the some formula of acupuncture etc. 4) Body piercing is also a way to show the status and Jewelry power. In now a days again body piercing is getting popular and is adopted by the youth, celebrities, eminent personalities etc.   Different Types of body piercing are done in now a days like Navel Piercing, Nostril Piercing,Nipple piercing, Ear piercing, Labret piercing, Eye brow piercing, Togue piercing etc. As per the type of piercing, different types of jewelery are also available to look different, to look stylish etc. Now let's have

Latest Fashion Jewelry

Latest Fashion Jewelry.  Fashion is changing continuously. Matajewellers deals with the latest fashion jewelry. Bollywood stars, celebrity and all the eminent personalities generally wears latest fashion jewelry. The desire to look different in the mob motivate a person to wear the latest trends in the market.  Jewelry give a feeling of greatness, it is a symbol of status, it is a culture.  Before sometime Jewllery was used by females only but now a days it is adopted by males too.  Matajewellers provides latest jewelry as per the latest fashion and for female and males both.  Jewelry gives a stylish and elegant look to the personality. For the decades costume jewelry is in our culture. Designers of Matajewellers make very affordable costume jewelry too which suits you as per your costume. You can get different type of costume jewelry like as Pendents, rings, Bangles, Chain, necklace etc.  To get your latest fashion jewelry you can freely call or mail us  C

Want To Design Your Engagement Ring

Want To Design Your Engagement Ring Do you want to make your engagement day special? Are you waiting for your engagement day eagerly? Do you want to make special engagement for your engagement. Do you need an experienced designer to make your engagement ring then Matajewellers is the right place. Jeweler of Ujjain, Matajeweller of Ujjain provides unique designs to make your celebration special.  A very special ring for your engagement celebration. You can call us or mail your requirement and we will give the thing you want. We will design something special for your special moment. The important information which you have to send are following- 1. The gems stone which you want in your engagement ring.  2. The Metal which you want like as gold, white metal or some other metal.  3. Your budget.  4. The size of your finger. 5. Time of delievery.  so by using simple steps you can get something special for your special day. Matajewellers of Ujjain is with you.