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For health Wealth and Prosperity

fat loss ring

Rangha Ring

For Fat loss
originalmercury shivling

Parad Shivling

For Positive Energies

Parad Shree Yantra

For Prosperity and Positive Energies
Rudraksh Jewellery

Rudraksh Jewellery

For Energetic Personality

Specialties by fat loss ring

Matajewellers Specialities

Matajewellers, The best and 100% Trusted Jewellers of Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh India. The Owner of matajewellers Mr. Harish Soni is himself a specialist in Designing Antique and Unique gold jewellery. For decades, People are getting the original fat loss ring, spiritual jewellery and best gold jewelleries from here. We Believe that Customer is God for us and keeping this view on mind Mata jewellers provides the following services by heart assure you for the 100% Satisfaction :
wedding jewellery

Wedding Planning

Perfect Jewellery for Bride and Groom

Get latest design
Best quality
At Best Price
original gems stone ring

Lucky Gems Stones Rings and Jewellery

Enhance Your Luck

Certified Gems Stones
Original dimaond rings
Unique Designs
Designer Jewellery

Antique Jewellery

Get the unique designs

Latest designs
Designer jewellery
Best quality jewellery
At Best Price

Jewellery For Luck

Jewellery For Luck By Jeweler of Ujjain, MataJewellers
There are some special types of Jewelleries which are not only used in this fashionable world for making impression but also becomes lucky for us. they open the way of success. Mata Jewellers of Ujjain also designs Jewelleries for luck which you can order to live a healthy and wealthy life.
Some of our lucky Jewellery collections are as follows :
Special types of pendents having signs of Lucky hands, Moon, Heart and having very small gems in it are used for luck and protection. These are available in different sizes.

Special types of pendents having holy signs and having the designs of God and goddesses are available to get the power for success. For e.g. Pendents of Om, Swastic, Ganesha, Shiva. Mata Jewellers designs very antique Pendents for the dignities.

If you want real Gems Stones rings for Luck then Mata Jewellers is the right place for you. We make Lucky rings with real gems stones for better result and are available at very affordable rates too. We also provide facility to make it charged with specialist if require.

For Chanting Purpose if you need Original Rudraksha mala then do call us. We will provide you the real rudraksha mala for your worship success. The are available in 3 categories Without cap, With Silver Cap, With Golden Cap.

It is said that The Goddess of Money become happy if we were Sphatik. So Mata Jewellers also Provide Sphatik mala of good quality for the betterment of your life. Original Diamond cut sphatik mala are available for which will energize you.

Parad Shivling is very auspicious and gives you a healthy and wealthy life if you put it in your prayer room and worship it daily. A siddha parad shivlingam is able to provide you anything which you want in your life i.e. health, wealth, status, success etc.

Sumeru Shree Yantra is again a very useful and amazing. It is said that Sumeru Shree yantra can attract Goddess laxmi Easily. You can get Sumeru Shree yantra of Silver and in other metals only at Mata Jewellers. You can order to get it now.

A very powerful pendent Which gives you the power of shukra, Shani and budh to get over all success in life. Impressive personality, Great talking way, Property to live as per your desire all you can get by wearing this pendent.

Mata Jewellers also make Rudraksha Pendents for protection from evil eye effects and for spiritual and worldly success. You can get original rudraksh pendents from here.

Shree yantra pendent to keep the blessings for Mata laxmi always with you. You can get it and wear it in you gold chain, silver chain etc.

A very Special Shree Yantra for power and show too. You can install it anywhere in your house or working place to energize it.
Jewellery For Luck By Jeweler of Ujjain, MataJewellers

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